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Six questions to Mark Böttger

November 17, 2020

Roles swapped: Usually Mark Böttger, Head of Communication and Marketing of the Berghof Group since 2018, is the one who asks the questions for our interview series. Today the communications specialist himself gives us an interview and tells us what the unique diversity of the Berghof Group means for his work, what, from his point of view, makes Berghof so strong as an employer and why he is extremely pleased with the latest award for Berghof.

1) The activities of the Berghof Group companies cover a wide variety of fields. Isn't it a great challenge for you as Head of Communication and Marketing to deal with so many different topics?

Yeah, definitely. But that's exactly what attracted me to this job. While many other successful companies display their strength only in a narrowly defined area, the companies of the Berghof Group are active and innovative in many fields. This diversity is Berghof's great strength – and makes work very complex and challenging for me and my team. There are always new, exciting developments and topics – to say nothing of the many interesting people (internal link to: at Berghof and their extensive know-how. Developing attention-grabbing and successful communication and marketing projects in cooperation with our customers is a real challenge we are facing anew every single day.

2) Large corporations, too, are often active in many fields. From your point of view, what makes working for Berghof different from working for a large corporation?

We combine the diversity, professionalism and ambitious goals of a large corporation with the traditional virtues of medium-sized companies: short paths, flat hierarchies, lean structures and a high degree of flexibility. I can only confirm what Dr. Melike Karakus-Uzuner or Slawa Ehlers told me in their interviews about their first positive experiences at Berghof: If you have ambitious goals and really want to make a difference, Berghof is exactly the place to be for you – and you can make a valuable contribution to continuing our success story.

3) You certainly want to make a real difference, too. How has Berghof communication and marketing changed since you've been here?

Let me explain this in more detail: The Berghof Group has a really fascinating history (internal link to: with a great deal of success. In earlier years, however, the team preferred to invest its energy in ingenious new solutions for its customers rather than in communication and marketing activities – which is typical for a “hidden champion“. For the “50 Years of Berghof“ anniversary in 2016, however, the associates, together with a small team, have worked very intensively on the features that makes our Group stand apart – and positioned the Berghof brand accordingly (internal link to: At the core of this positioning are our brand values: As a team and with our customers, we act like partners, offer a wide range of skills that we keep on developing, and are demanding in everything we do – that is, we enjoy taking on challenges and have high expectations of ourselves at all levels and in all areas. In our companies, my team and I look for and find good and illustrative examples that emphasize this positioning and the benefits for our customers. One of my favorite tasks is then to turn these research results into texts for a wide variety of target groups and channels – such as the interviews with Berghof colleagues for the series “Six questions to…“