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Insights | Berghof Group

A warm welcome at the "Welcome Day"

The name says it all: With the "Welcome Day" the Berghof Group warmly welcomes all new team members.

February 1, 2023
News | Berghof Automation

Clear message, clear structure: The new

Make one out of three: All divisions of Berghof Automation GmbH are now presented on a new, joint website

January 19, 2023
News | Berghof Group

These people make things happen – with the help of Berghof

By making donations totaling 14,000 euros Berghof ensures that numerous initiatives can continue to make things happen.

December 22, 2022
News | Berghof Automation

Compact genious

With the new Raspberry Pi® industrial controller from Berghof, even very complex path calculations are no longer a problem.

November 7, 2022
News | Berghof Group

Franziska Brauße and Berghof: A perfect team

The name reflects the aim – with "Moving Forward", the DNA of Berghof, the group of companies rooted in Eningen (Germany) is putting emphasis on its…

October 4, 2022
News | Gigahertz-Optik

Expertise confirmed - and expanded

The DAkkS-accredited calibration laboratory of our subsidiary Gigahertz-Optik is now even more broadly positioned.

August 9, 2022
Insights | Berghof Group

Berghof warmly welcomes all new team members!

At the Berghof Group, all signs point to growth – and even more exchange across all areas.

August 8, 2022
News | Berghof Membranes

Bio-inspired and selected by experts - "Ridge-M"

Berghof reached an important accolade for its latest innovation, the “Ridge-M” technology, even before its official market launch.

June 3, 2022
News | Berghof Testing

All automotive solutions at a glance

Berghof has summarized all its innovative concepts for the automotive industry in a new brochure.

May 4, 2022