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Swarm intelligence instead of silo mentality

July 25, 2018

As the author Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach put it so well: There is only one proof of ability - action. That’s why the Berghof Group not only talks about its guiding principle of “your innovation hub” and the subject of flexible network organisation, it also consistently and successfully puts this vision into practice on a daily basis to ensure its customers’ success. One good example of this is the Marketing working group, which brings together all the marketing experts from the eight different business units for regular meetings, during which they exchange ideas and develop their shared expertise.

Whilst the monthly meetings are often also attended by virtual participants via video conferencing, almost nobody misses the opportunity to attend in person the “Marketing Days”, which take place four times a year. This was the case for the recent workshop with the provocative title, “The trade fair is dead – long live the trade fair,” organised by Anna-Katharina Esche (second from left) from fair concept GmbH, who is one of the most famous trade fair experts in Germany.

So it’s no wonder that even our highly experienced staff were given plenty of new ideas at the workshop as to how to achieve the various tasks involved in organising a trade fair more efficiently, quickly and innovatively. The objective is always to customise the activities to suit the Berghof Group's customers as far as possible.

Learning from and with one another, or put another way, swarm intelligence instead of silo mentality: what innovative brains wish for has always been a part of Berghof’s DNA.