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A warm welcome at the "Welcome Day"

February 1, 2023

The participant group shows it impressively: At Berghof the signs continue pointing to growth – entirely in the spirit of „Moving Forward“, the very special DNA of Berghof Group.

Around 30 new employees who have joined one of the six subsidiaries of the Berghof Group in recent months met at the end of January 2023 for the Berghof Group's joint "Welcome Day" at the headquarters in Eningen u. A. near Reutlingen.

"It is very important to us that our new employees feel comfortable at Berghof from day one and that we make their start with us as easy as possible by means of compressed first-hand information. The 'Welcome Day', which my team organizes with a lot of passion, plays an important role in this as a part of our onboarding process," explains Melanie Meinert, Head of HR at the Berghof Group.

Not only the HR team, but the whole Management team attach great importance to warmly welcome all the new team members. This is why, at this day, the Managing Directors of the subsidiaries Berghof Automation, Berghof Fluoroplastics, Berghof Gigahertz-Optik, Berghof Membranes, Berghof Products + Instruments and Berghof Environmental Engineering introduce their company, its products and services, the main target groups and its strategic focus in person and with many valuable background info.

That was really well received by the participants: „You immediately notice how much the Managers at Berghof burn for the products and services“, Marc Rümmelin, for instance, has observed. He is IT administrator at the Shared Service Center of Berghof Group since beginning of October 2022.

During this part of the event, special attention is paid to the intensive cooperation and exchange of knowledge among each other that is so typical of Berghof – i.e. the unique "Innovation Hub" structure of the Berghof Group.

For the first time, the Berghof Management Team was able to use the highly professional presentation technology installed just a few weeks before the event in the new canteen, one of the centerpieces of the lavishly modernized and expanded main building of the "Berghof Campus".

The subsequent tours through the production facilities of Berghof Fluoroplastics and Berghof Membranes showed that the latest production techniques and methods are used at Berghof to meet the ever-increasing demand in the field of plastics technology and membrane filtration with the first-class quality Berghof is known for. "Really impressive," concluded Marc Rümmelin.

Another important aspect of the "Welcome Day" is the mutual exchange among the new starters at Berghof. After all the participants had introduced themselves to each other in detail by means of a short Questions-and-Answers-Game, they all had the perfect starting points to get to know each other better and to talk about their first positive experiences at Berghof.

„You can feel the importance of the shared values that drive the team at Berghof. The 'Welcome Day' was a great experience for all of us“, Siwar Rais, a new member of the Berghof Automation team as International Sales Engineer since the beginning of January, sums up the event from her point of view.

Who wants to be part of the next "Welcome Day": We always have numerous interesting positions to fill – you can find all current job offers of the Berghof Group on the new career website.

If you haven't found the right job for you yet: Our HR team is always happy to receive your speculative application.