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Unique spectrophotometer

May 7, 2021

Time is money – and that makes the latest innovation from Gigahertz-Optik, a joint development with Berghof Analytik, so exciting.

Because the new "SphereSpectro 150H" - UV-VIS-IR spectrophotometer measures for the first time, within only a few seconds, simultaneously and independently of each other the absorption and scattering of diffuse samples, whether solid or liquid – or, more precisely, the spectral absorption coefficient (μa) and the spectral effective scattering coefficient (μs, also known as reduced scattering coefficient), the two parameters of interest for the analysis of diffuse scattering samples in terms of physical and chemical properties.

For further time savings, sample preparation is significantly simplified compared to conventional spectrophotometers.

See and hear all about how this unique innovation works in the detailed product video.