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Franziska Brauße and Berghof: A perfect team

October 4, 2022

The name reflects the aim – with "Moving Forward", the DNA of Berghof, the group of companies rooted in Eningen (Germany) is putting emphasis on its most valuable asset: the people at Berghof and their talent, passion and team spirit. Who could be a better representative for this than Franziska Brauße, who races from success to success with the German track foursome.

Lone wolfs are definitely not appropriate: Only if everything harmonises and everyone in the team optimally support each other, a quartet can be successful in the team pursuit on the track.

The german track foursome lives this in perfection: Since 2021, the victory at the Tokyo Olympics, which surprised even the experts at the time, the team is racing from success to success. The last big victory was only a few weeks ago: At the European Championships, the German quartet won the gold medal in a heartbeat final against Italy.

But what only long-time observers of the scene know: Just a few years ago, the German track foursome ranked as an also-run. That makes these successes all the more impressive.

Since around five years, Franziska Brauße from Eningen is a fixed part of this success story – and this has inspired Berghof, the successful group of companies also rooted in Eningen, to a special idea.

"Berghof is on a very promising path. And this is primarily due to the fact that we have many exceptionally committed and creative minds who inspire others in their teams and carry them away, who repeatedly raise the question: How can we get even better? It is this special DNA and these special people that we intend to honor with our new campaign: ‛Moving Forward‛", explain Eric Wildeboer, one of three managing directors and responsible for sales, marketing and strategy at the Berghof Group.

"Who could be a better representative for this absolutely special Berghof DNA, the talent, passion and team spirit, then Franziska Brauße? ", Wildeboer delivers the response, why the prominent neighbor is the face of "Moving Forward" in public.

Also from Franziska Brauße’s point of view the collaboration with Berghof is a perfect match: "Our track foursome is now reaping what we have sown as a team over the years. But of course we must not slack off now, but have to continue along this successful path. So I am committed 100 percent to the Berghof DNA – and am therefore happy and proud to be representing this concept to the public as an ambassador."

The Berghof team first saw Franziska Brauße up close at the "Berghof Oktoberfest" on September 23, 2022 and immediately took her to their hearts. "I almost couldn't get out of writing autographs," Franziska says with a laugh.

On that occassion, the new "Moving Forward" movie has celebrated premiere. It invites to a moving journey through the world of Berghof. It is obvious that the new brand ambassador of Berghof is also playing a key role here.

"Of course you can discover this movie and many interesting backgrounds about ‛Moving Forward‛ on the Berghof website", Wildeboer sums up what he has put in place together with his in-house marketing team.

This is further evidence that Berghof really does have a very special DNA.