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New online presence

October 19, 2018

With ist unique properties, Polytetrafluorethylene – or briefly called PTFE – is one of the most diverse materials available. It is impossible to imagine technical applications and our everyday life without it. Since more than 50 years, Berghof Fluoroplastics continually works together with its partners and customers to utilize the great potential of the high-performance plastic PTFE in full and to make it usable for more and more requirements.

Right in time for the „round“ birthday – 2018 marks the 80th anniversary of the accidental finding of the most-frequently used fluoroplastic – Berghof Fluoroplastics is presenting itself with a complete new homepage.

Along with detailed information on the material and the areas of application, conveniently sorted by industry, the new homepage is offering detailed insights into the history and the unique competencies of Berghof Fluoroplastics and an overview about all the events where the company will be present.

Furthermore you will find the direct contact details of all of the most important contacts on the homepage.

We hope you enjoy browsing!