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November 22, 2022

With the personal blog of Franziska Brauße you gain exclusive glimpses behind the scenes of top-class sport and discover the secrets of her successes in the team with the track cycling foursome.

Let yourself be carried away!


Part 3, October 17th, 2022: What a final!

As the saying goes: The best comes at the end. That definitely applies to the track world championships in France (October 12 to 16, 2022). But first things first.

It's a pity, but unfortunately it was to be expected: Our long series of successes in the team pursuit has been broken for the time being.

Lisa Brennauer – our long-time, enormously experienced team colleague – has ended her successful career after our triumph at the European Championships in Munich. Laura Süßemilch, also part of our successful regular line-up, is still recovering from the consequences of a serious fall. And another regular rider, Lisa Klein, was not at the start either.

So our coach – besides Mieke Kröger and me as regular riders – gave two young up-and-coming riders the chance to prove themselves in a big competition in the team pursuit for the first time.

Under these conditions, we did quite well with the 6th place. This makes us positive for the future of the track foursome. We want to and will of course continue to attack fully and hopefully soon return to our old strength.

A campaign that Mieke Kröger and I initiated for the Nigerian team was also very well received. We gave special time trial handlebars to the four athletes who were competing with normal track bikes – a successful surprise.

Speaking of strength: For me personally, there was still reason to cheer. Because in addition to the team pursuit, I also competed in the individual pursuit in France.

And I actually managed to win the title again for Germany – following in the footsteps of Lisa Brennauer.

The final was extremely exciting: I deliberately started the race very fast and had difficulties keeping up this high pace over the long distance.

Then, one lap before the end, my rival was suddenly just in the lead. But I gave it everything I had in the last half lap and won by a very narrow margin in the end. A victory of the will, fully in line with "Moving Forward".

What a final!


Part 2: September 26th, 2022: This was huge fun!

The Berghof marketing team and I have been looking forward to this day for a long time: On September 23, we exclusively showed the new "Moving Forward" film to the Berghof team in advance at the Berghof Oktoberfest - and thus introduced the DNA of Berghof and me as its face internally.

To be honest, I was a bit nervous before this day. How will the team react to "Moving Forward" and me as an ambassador? How much interest will there be in me and my sport?

But then tense anticipation quickly turns into just pure joy: because the response from the Berghof team is just great!

After the film premiere, the Berghof team escorts me onto the stage with thunderous applause and I can introduce myself a little in a casual interview.

The marketing team has literally thought of everything and even had special Berghof "Moving Forward" autograph cards printed. So my autographs are particularly popular - as are photos with me in front of the vehicle in the special Berghof "Moving Forward" design, which was completed shortly before the Oktoberfest.

Everyone is super nice and interested, marvel at my bike, ask many questions about me and my material. The mood is so good that the time flies by. Actually, I wanted to go to bed early because I have a race in Kempten the next day. But it is then quite late, because it's just great fun.

Luckily I’m still able to win the race – or maybe because of that...;-)

After this perfect start, I'm looking forward to the collaboration more than ever. Because this evening, the great atmosphere and the interesting conversations have shown me: Berghof and I, we are simply a perfect team!

Part 1, August 22th, 2022: What a fantastic atmosphere

The atmosphere at the European Championships in Munich (August 11 to 21, 2022) were a blast – especially due to the fact that many friends and our families have taken the opportunity to cheer us on.

A major international championship in our own country is of course always something very special. So the mission is clear early in the year: We want to defend our title in front of our home crowd and go for gold again.

Therefore, as before all major competitions, we meet ten days beforehand for joint training, also to get in the mood for the unusually short track (only 200 instead of 250 meters long). Nothing should disturb us in this preparation.

But it comes differently. I have to interrupt training with the track foursome and go to Sweden for a few days.

The reason: Most of the year I pedal for a professional team in road races. Many of the riders on this team are absent due to injury or illness, so I have to fly to Sweden to support the team here as well. Actually, my professional team had given me time off for the preparation.

Anything but optimal, but flexibility is also the top priority for us professional sportswomen - and ducking the issue doesn't apply anyway ;-)

In my head, of course, I'm still on the big mission - and after I return, it quickly becomes clear: Despite the interruption, I'm fit to the point.

This is also necessary - because our track foursome is somewhat weakened. One of my colleagues has just recovered from a Corona infection and is not yet one hundred percent fit again. Another colleague had a serious fall shortly before the European Championships. So we don't have a fifth rider as a substitute, as is usually the case.

Nevertheless, everything initially goes according to plan. In the final against Italy, however, things get really exciting: The race is extremely close and we're trailing for a long time. But in the end we mobilize all our reserves once again, take the lead with two laps to go and win by a razor-thin margin of just 0.6 seconds.

This is precisely one of the great strengths of our team: we always have our goal firmly in mind, but remain flexible in our minds so that we can react to changes in plans at any time.

Speaking of change of plans: In the course of the European Championships, there is another, very positive surprise. I am nominated at short notice for the road race and can thus also enjoy the insanely great atmosphere on the course in downtown Munich.

Simply pure goose bumps!