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Six questions to Michael Sättler

April 25, 2017

Michael Sättler has worked in Central Marketing since the year 2000. He is responsible for the company’s online presence and advises all business units on matters relating to brand management. In 2010, he was elected to the Works Council and in 2014 was appointed Chairman of the Combined Works Council of the Berghof Group.

What has changed in marketing since you joined Berghof?

Back in the year 2000, marketing was no more than pure sales promotion and digitilization was understood simply as posting the product catalog on the company website. Mr. Stemmer triggered a new way of thinking. Since 2014, we have taken a more visionary, customer-oriented and collaborative approach. We place stronger emphasis on digital advertising media and review their effectiveness in iterative processes in order to continuously improve our communication. I am responsible among other things for managing the Berghof brand, so that the business units can concentrate on marketing their products and services.

What was your favorite marketing project in the past few years?

Without a doubt the website relaunch in 2016. Not just because we came up with a clear and contemporary design, but because the processes were particularly inspiring and stimulating for the company. This kind of cross-unit collaboration is where the future lies. The icing on the cake was the feedback from our customers, which has been positive down the line.

How can you help to shape Berghof in your role as Chairman of the Combined Works Council?

At Berghof the Works Council has the freedom to pursue its own goals in the interests of all employees. On the one hand, we of course attach importance to complying with the relevant agreements and laws. And on the other, to values that go back to our founder, Prof. Dr. Georg Zundel – namely that people and the environment determine our actions. Inspired by the regular exchange of views with Mr. Stemmer, spirits are running high within the organization. My approach is really quite simple: only motivated employees are successful employees.

What makes Berghof especially attractive for employees?

The fact that Berghof sees itself as a socially responsible employer that takes people and their wishes as well as their fears seriously. I also very much believe that we can really make a difference and are given the best possible support, for example with childcare. This sense of family, combined with the exciting topics (buzzword: Industry 4.0) make Berghof a unique place to work.

Are you also committed to helping others in your private life?

I worked voluntarily on the ‘Lebenshilfe’ (‘A Helping Hand’) magazine for 25 years and also try to help others in my family as much and as often as possible. I believe that whether as a family or as a team, in each case there are shared goals. And the only way to achieve them is through mutual understanding. Fully in line with the motto: “a pleasure shared is a pleasure doubled”.

And lastly: Who impresses you more – Karl Marx or Don Draper?

Karl Marx, definitely. For me, Marx’s “Das Kapital” has not lost any of its relevance and significance to this day. Incidentally, I would choose Bertholt Brecht as my second role model.