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Not possible? That doesn't exist!

December 16, 2019

Unusual situations require unusual solutions: In the middle of one of the biggest internal changes in the more than 40-year history of Berghof Automation, the service team took on the urgent call for help from a long-standing customer. What follows impressively proves that Berghof Automation and Control Solutions takes its promise “We take care of it for you” very literally.

All of the customers were informed in due time and everything was prepared internally with precision for the big moment: To be able to work even more efficiently, Berghof Automation GmbH recently invested in a new ERP system. The crux of the matter: For a short period of time, the company (as is unavoidable in such a case) was only able to act to a very limited extend due to the complex internal changeover.

Of course, as is so often the case, the infamous “Murphy’s law” struck in this instance as well: Whatever can go wrong, goes wrong. More specifically: At the long-standing Berghof customer Alfred Paulsen GmbH, which has specialised in the production of tasty, hearty and mild canned products for more than 100 years, at exactly this moment two older display controllers are on strike at the so-called stage cooking system, which the company uses to cook vegetables. This is of course always a problem, but especially when a hundred tons of fresh red cabbage are waiting at the farm to find their way into the jar as quickly as possible.

Even though all forces, directly or indirectly, are busy working with the internal conversion, the service team at Berghof immediately tackles the problem. In this special case where no delay can be accepted, goods receipt – despite the actually decided and communicated temporary goods receipt stop – is processed via the "small official channel" – this is made possible by the short decision-making paths typical of Berghof. “We aren’t just a pioneer in industrial automation, what is currently yet again proven by means of our project industry-ready Raspberry Pi solution. We are also the strong partner at our customers’ side - and this is true even in such an exceptional situation”, says Marc Finger, the managing director of Berghof Automation GmbH, as he explains one of the most important creeds.

As a result, his service team puts everything in motion to prevent the threatening spoilage of the food – and they are successful. The error is quickly found, the repair proposal is submitted to the customer and the order for it is submitted to the company. The dialogue controllers are repaired in no time and get back to work.

Thanks to this express service under difficult conditions, the company Alfred Paulsen GmbH actually manages to get everything back into operation in due time and process the red cabbage – the canned products sent to Berghof in thanks are proof of that.

And this story proves: Not possible? That doesn’t exist – at least not at Berghof.