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Fruitful Exchange

October 1, 2018

At the invitation of the German Corporation for International Cooperation GmbH and funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, a Russian delegation with around 20 entrepreneurs and executives is on the move in Baden-Württemberg in order to advance their level of education and to get to know innovative companies. The goal: To revive or expand cooperation between the Russian and German economies.

At the end of September, this delegation was hosted by the Berghof group of companies - and they were surprised above all by the broad range of topics covered by the different business units.

The participants of the trip had applied for this programme with their specific ideas and goals for future cooperation with German companies. That is why the organizer Violetta Sticker from the Export-Akademie Baden-Württemberg [The Academy for International Business] was able to narrow down the appropriate topics very precisely - and that is why Berghof offered, in addition to automation solutions and the topic of industrial wastewater treatment by membrane filtration, above all to illuminate aspects in the field environmental engineering more precisely.

A very good decision: The lecture given by graduate geologist Andreas Sonntag, who is responsible for the environmental engineering division at Berghof, quickly became a lively discussion on the areas of the assessment, rehabilitation and revitalisation of large areas as well as building and industrial complexes (environmental due diligence). This is because there are plenty of contaminated sites as regards soil and water in Germany and Russia.

Above all, one special feature of Berghof piqued great interest among the visitors from Russia: The company has developed a special device that can significantly reduce the costs of groundwater monitoring - the so-called "Thermo-Flowmeter". This unique selling point compared to other service providers in the field of environmental engineering is a good example of Berghof's daily lived vision of "your innovation hub" - i.e. the consistent use of a variety of competences, which has grown over more than 50 years, in order to develop forward-looking developments from the combination of existing possibilities.

It can only be hoped that the fruitful exchange between this Russian delegation and the Berghof experts will lead to pioneering developments.