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Fivefold commitment to charitable causes

January 29, 2020

Years ago, the Berghof Group made the decision to no longer purchase Christmas gifts for its customers and partners, and instead support charity organisations that aid people in crisis. Last Christmas, the group raised the amount of its donations yet again and, for the first time, the whole Berghof team organised a Christmas raffle for the cause. The result was quite impressive. All in all, Berghof donated the 14,000 Euros to five regional initiatives to support their valuable work.

„Despite indications of an impending economic crisis, the Berghof Group has grown yet again in 2019. Our strategy of diversity with our now nine business units, along with healthy and sustainable growth plan, is paying off more than ever. That is why we also want to give part of that back to social causes,” explains Dr.-Ing. Bernd Arnold, CEO of the Berghof Group.

Together with all the managing directors of the Berghof subsidiaries, Mr. Arnold decided to raise the amount of donations from 8,000 euros in previous years to up to 10,000 euros for Christmas 2019. With that amount, the group of companies, headquartered in Eningen u.A., is able to support the important work of four  regional initiatives, focused on assisting people in crisis. These organizations largely depend on donations to finance their operations.

Donations of 3,000 Euros were each given to the following registered organizations: „BOJE - Tuebinger Hospize Service“, the domestic Hospize Service for children, young people and families, and „Ambulatory Hospize Service Reutlingen“. Donations of 2,000 Euros were each given to „Help for sick children“, the foundation of the University Children’s Hospital in Tuebingen, and „Clowns on duty“ servicing ill children and senior citizens.

But that was not all. At the 2019 Berghof Group Christmas party, the entire team organised its first Christmas raffle to support these causes. Employees donated many of their own Christmas presents, and many of the company’s suppliers and partners also donated special gifts for the event.

The results of the raffle exceeded all expectations. Nearly 450 prizes were awarded, raising almost 3,000 Euros which was then rounded up by the management board of the Berghof Group to 4,000 Euros.

This amount was presented to the „Hospize Veronika“ at the Berghof headquarters in Eningen u.A. This donation is an important contribution support comprehensive nursing, care and companionship for seriously ill and terminal people.