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These people make things happen – with the help of Berghof

December 22, 2022

For the Berghof Group, too, 2022 was anything but ordinary. However, with talent, passion and team spirit, the Berghof team, against all odds and challenges, has achieved a great deal over the course of this memorable year. That’s why Berghof, by making donations totaling 14,000 euros, ensures that numerous initiatives can continue to make things happen – in keeping with Berghof’s DNA, “Moving Forward”.

Being an internationally successful company and a network of strong partners, it is Berghof’s deep commitment to act according to the motto “Sharing is caring”. That is why the Berghof Group, instead of sending Christmas gifts to its customers and partners, has been supporting voluntary organizations in their important work for the common good for many years.

The Berghof team stands fully behind this responsible decision – and is eager to participate by submitting numerous proposals for appropriate organizations and initiatives located around the various national and international sites of the Berghof Group.

“We are very proud of all the things our unique team has accomplished together in this memorable year. And we are always very pleased with the encouragement we receive from the team for our Christmas fundraising campaign. It’s the best possible evidence of how much our ‘Moving Forward’ campaign hits the nail on the head. That’s why our donations this year are going to organizations that, like our team, make a lot of things happen with talent, passion, and team spirit,” Marco Himmelsbach, Oliver Walter, and Eric Wildeboer, the three managing directors of the Berghof Group, explain in a common statement.

Like “Hilfe für kranke Kinder” (Help for Sick Children), the foundation at the University Children’s Hospital in Tübingen. Due to his own family history, Nikolaus Rombach, a former Berghof managing director for many years, has put his heart and soul into his role as a member of the foundation’s board of trustees. To give maximum support to the important goal of the foundation – the best possible treatment, advice and support for seriously ill children, adolescents, and their families –, the Berghof Group’s main donation of 5,000 euros goes to Tübingen.

Making things happen for families in need – this is also the issue with two organizations that the Berghof Group supports around the location of our subsidiary Gigahertz-Optik with donations of 1,500 euros each. The “Stiftung Kinderhilfe Fürstenfeldbruck” (Fürstenfeldbruck Children’s Aid Foundation) advises, cares for, and accompanies around 1,250 children, young people, and adults with mental, and in some cases multiple, disabilities, with developmental delays, behavioral problems, and mental handicaps. The “Ökumenische Sozialdienst Türkenfeld/Zankenhausen” (Ecumenical Social Service Türkenfeld/Zankenhausen) supports, cares for, and nurtures people who need help because of their physical, mental or emotional disorder.

The Berghof team also made some suggestions matching the theme “Moving Forward” rather in the classical sense of the word. For example, donations of 1,500 euros each will go to the “XXL! Youth Project” in Mühlhausen (Thuringia), which provides an important offer for children and young people at the location of our Berghof Automation site by building and operating skate halls. The same amount of money will be donated to the organization “Jeugdfonds Sport en Cultuur” (Youth Fund Sports and Culture), which enables children and young people from low-income families to take part in sports and cultural activities in the Dutch region of Friesland around the Leeuwarden site of our subsidiary Berghof Membranes. Finally, the “Förderverein Stützpunkt Allgäu Skilanglauf” (cross-country skiing center of the Allgäu region), in which Andreas Sonntag, one of two managing directors of Berghof Umweltengineering (environmental engineering), puts his heart and soul into volunteering as a trainer in his spare time, will be given 1,500 euros.

Another example for passionate commitment are the parents at the Tylesius High School in Mühlhausen (Thuringia) who support talented high-school students. For this reason, Berghof makes a further donation of 1,500 euros to this organization.

All in all, the Berghof Group’s donations of 14,000 euros ensure that these initiatives can continue to achieve a great deal and make things happen.