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Continous growth and new dual chairmanship

April 12, 2019

It has been the successful strategy of the Berghof Group ever since to engage in a wide range of areas in order to have ideal conditions for stability and growth. To further increase the effectiveness of this strategy, a dual chairmanship will manage in future the fortunes of the family-owned company, which has been founded in 1966.

Retain the well-known eye for innovation and grow even more internationally and profitably – to achieve these goals in the best possible manner, Berghof has secured the services of a first-class engineer and a first class finance expert for the future. „Dr.-Ing. Bernd Arnold and the certified business economist Heinz-Uwe Vogel add well-founded and valuable experiences to our group of companies They will perfectly complementing each other with their strengths to pick up the thread of our successful history and lead Berghof into a even more successful future“, the long-standing Berghof CEO Nikolaus Rombach (in picture, right) is convinced. He will be retiring after a indepth phase of consulting.

„To find and allow the right paths for a healthy and international growth together with the Berghof employess is one of my priority tasks“, explains Dr.-Ing. Bernd Arnold (in the picture left). He looks optimistically in the future for his new role: „First of all, it is the large diversity of Berghof that makes me very enthusiastic. This opens up countless opportunities to grow in a profitable manner.“

Standstill clearly means a step backwards. And this will not happen at Berghof, also in future. „The topic of change has accompanied my professional life ever since“, certified business economist Heinz-Uwe Vogel reflects back, „lastly nothing is ever so good that it cannot be improved.“ He is also convinced that there is definitely a huge potential for further growth at Berghof: „Here at Berghof, there is an incredible amount of know-how. We will use this consequently in order to optimally market our products and services – and to amaze our industries, as in history, again and again with new, groundbreaking ideas.“

The current key figures of the company support this optimism: In 2018, the Berghof Group has reached a turnover of more than 50 million euros for the first time ever. The number of employees has also increased significantly to nearly 320 now.