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Berghof Group make sustainable investment in the future

July 1, 2021

There is no question about it: the past year, marked by the manifold effects of the Corona pandemic, was anything but easy for the Berghof Group as well. But thanks to strong growth in some areas, we still managed to achieve a positive result overall – much to the delight of our shareholders. The reward for the efforts: to enable further growth, they have given the green light to make a sustainable investment in the future – in the truest sense of the word.

With the new, ultra-modern production facility of its subsidiary Berghof Fluoroplastics, which specializes in innovative material solutions made of high-tech plastics, the Berghof Group already gave a clear indication about four years ago of what the future of the "Berghof Campus", the Group's headquarters in Eningen u.a. near Reutlingen, will look like.

And this future starts now: Currently, the first major phase of the construction project "Berghof Campus 2025" is progressing with great strides. The main building, known as building #1, will receive an all-round refurbishment and modernization in the next few months – both visually and technically. The company is also expanding the area of the building by adding an annex, which will also become the new main entrance (see 3-D visualization of the future exterior).

The building is already scaffolded, an imposing load crane stands in front of it – soon the building will hardly be recognizable.


In the coming months the building is not only receiving a new façade, but also new windows as well as a roof renovation in accordance with the latest energy standards.

In the course of the roof renovation, Berghof will also have installed numerous photovoltaic modules with a total output of around 200 kWp on the roof to make the best use of the sun’s energy. The remaining energy and heat requirements are supplied by a combined heat and power plant of the latest generation.

It is dimensioned so generously that we can also use it to cover the energy requirements of the neighbouring building #3, which Berghof will then also have completely refurbished and modernized together with another building once the work on building #1 has been completed.

Whatever additional heating or cooling Berghof need is supplied by a new heat pump. And for particularly cold days a gas condensing peak load boiler generates the necessary heat. The office spaces on the first floor of building #1 will receive heating and cooling sails, which the company can use to heat or cool – depending on the weather.

This sophisticated energy concept is intended to ensure that the new "Berghof Campus" sets strong accents not only visually, but above all in terms of sustainability.

The construction project, with a total investment of around 15 million euros the largest single investment in the almost 55-year history of Berghof, is of paramount strategic importance for the ambitious growth targets of the Berghof Group: The basis for the intensive planning process with internal and external experts, which is based on the ideas of the "Lean Management" strategy, was the strong increase in production capacities and the corporate-wide optimization of processes.

In this way, the companies of the Berghof Group will continue to grow strongly in the future and be able to supply customers even faster and more flexibly with the innovative products, systems and solutions from Berghof that are in demand all over the world.

A first foretaste is provided by the already completed new building of the area in which the subsidiary Berghof Membranes, which specializes in membrane filtration of industrial wastewater and process water, manufactures its modules. On an area of around 1,000 square meters in the basement of building #1, Berghof has created a highly modern production area designed for optimum flow and the shortest possible walking distances, in which numerous new technologies and machines are used.

This example and the entire "Berghof Campus 2025" project clearly show that the Berghof Group is setting the right sails for a successful future: If you want to grow strongly, you not only need the right team, but above all you also need optimal conditions.

And they arise now, because the Berghof Group make a sustainable investment in the future.