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Berghof Group to focus even more consistently on its growth markets

February 18, 2022

Contrary to the general economic development, the Berghof Group grew strongly in 2020 and 2021, primarily by focusing on its strategic growth markets. This growth perspective no longer exists for the Analytics division within the Berghof Group. Therefore, the business unit Analytik is joining a strong partner that has been very successful in focusing on the topic of contract analytic services: the Eurofins corporate network.

Since the founding of the business unit Analytik in 1976, the field of contract analytic services has changed more than few other markets. Back then, there were many smaller, specialized laboratories with a primarily regional customer structure. And Berghof Analytik was able to quickly make a name for itself and grow. In the meantime, almost all of these smaller laboratories have joined multinational large-scale laboratories. The Corona pandemic and the resulting pressure on demand have again massively intensified this development, which is costly especially for smaller laboratories.

Berghof cannot ignore this development either. Therefore, the associates and the advisory boards of the Berghof Group, together with the management, had been looking for a solution that would offer a secure perspective for the Berghof Analytik team even in the long term. And they found the best possible solution: The Analytik division is joining - as countless laboratories worldwide have done before - a strong partner that is focused strictly on analytics: the Eurofins laboratory network. The transition is scheduled to take place on April 1, if all the general conditions specified in the contract can be implemented by then.

Berghof Analytik could not have found a stronger partner. After all, the Eurofins network of companies is the global leader in this field, comprising 55,000 employees at 900 locations in more than 50 countries. And Eurofins welcomes the team of the former Berghof Analytik, located in Tübingen and Chemnitz, with open arms: “The philosophy the experienced and competent team of Berghof Analytik lives by is to see the customer as the center of services - with personal contacts, ensuring a trustful cooperation based on partnership, and providing competent, personal, sustainable consulting. This perfectly matches our mission: We contribute to the improvement of global health and safety by offering our customers innovative and high-quality analytical and research services as well as consulting,“ explain Dr. Andreas Schmidt and Olaf Meyer, Managing Directors at Eurofins.

In recent years the Berghof Group has increasingly and very successfully focused on its strategic growth markets such as filtration, photonics, automation and (electric) mobility. Environmental engineering and the laboratory equipment sector also continue to develop positively. Proceeding in this way, Berghof has managed, contrary to the general economic trend, to grow strongly over the last two years, despite the difficult conditions caused by the Corona pandemic: sales have increased by 10 and 15 percent over the last two years, and the number of employees has risen to over 400.

“The Berghof Group has the best prerequisites to dynamically continue our growth path together – just like the business unit Analytik as a new part of the Eurofins laboratory network. Therefore, it is the right decision for the Analytics division to now join this strong partner strictly focused on contract analytic services,“ explain Marco Himmelsbach, Oliver Walter and Eric Wildeboer, the three joint managing directors of the Berghof Group. “We wish the Analytics team every success under the umbrella of the Eurofins laboratory network.“