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Eigth reasons to rejoice in Berghof’s generosity

December 15, 2021

For many years now, the Berghof Group has refrained from sending Christmas presents to its customers and partners. Instead, the company prefers to give financial help to various organizations that care for people in need. This year again, the Berghof team made many proposals for the eight donations of 1,500 euros each – and so the chosen recipients of the donations impressively reflect the Berghof Group's great diversity.

Cuddly teddy bears in an ambulance, fire truck or a hospital that provide first comfort to children who were in an accident or a fire, a therapy horse for children with physical or mental disabilities, an initiative that gives lasting access to clean drinking water and toilets to people in the world's poorest areas – this year, the Berghof Group distributed its Christmas donations with a total value of 12,000 euros to eight very different organizations.

"There is no question that the past year, marked by manifold impact of the Corona pandemic, was anything but easy for the Berghof Group as well. But thanks to strong growth in some fields, we still managed to achieve an overall positive result. That’s why we, together with all the managing directors of the individual subsidiaries of the Berghof Group, like last year decided to support eight initiatives that care for people in need with a great deal of commitment putting their heart and soul into their activities – and need this support more urgently than ever, especially in these days of the pandemic,“ Marco Himmelsbach, Oliver Walter and Eric Wildeboer, the three managing directors of the Berghof Group, emphasized in a joint statement.

There were numerous proposals from the Berghof team for the Christmas donations. Among others, five organizations around the headquarters of the Berghof Group in Eningen u.A. in the Reutlingen area were finally chosen to be supported.

The “Aktion Teddybär“ in Reutlingen uses its donations to distribute teddy bears – as the name suggests – as a small, plushy comforting Band-Aid to children in emergency situations. At the “KBF“ foundation in Mössingen, the Berghof Group’s donation arrived at just the right time, for the foundation’s riding therapy facility had to purchase a new therapy horse, because the previous one had unexpectedly died. At the “BruderhausDiakonie“ in Reutlingen, on the other hand, the Berghof Group’s donation will be invested in the maintainance of the “Hofgut Gaisbühl“, where the organization has created almost 100 jobs for people with mental illness or intellectual disabilities. They grow fruit and vegetable, process and sell food, and look after the animals. The farm estate at the same time is a place where people with and without disabilities can meet while shopping, taking animal walks or celebrating children’s birthday parties. The “Freundeskreis Mensch“ in Gomaringen offers a variety of support for people with disabilities or mental illnesses – and currently, due to strict Corona regulations, needs donations more than ever, for example, to organize and offer individual assistance services. The “Sophienpflege“ in Tübingen in many ways accompanies and supports people in need of help like children, adolescents, young adults and their families.

In addition to these five organizations, the Berghof Group donated 1,500 euros each to three other organizations that are located in the regions of three of our other sites. The “Elternkreis behinderter Kinder EbK e.V.“ in Olching, Bavaria, aims to improve the quality of life of children, young people and adults with disabilities and to promote their integration – while at the same time providing active support to make the their relatives’ lives easier. At the “Wohnheim St. Stefanus“ in Wangen, inclusion is practiced every day. Here, 14 residents with different physical and mental disabilities form a very special residential community, and directly connected to that institution is the “Treffpunkt Aumühle“, which offers a variety of leisure and meeting opportunities for people with and without disabilities. Finally, at “Water for Life“ in Utrecht (Netherlands) everything, as the name suggests, revolves around water. Financed by donations, the organization gives access to affordable and reliable drinking water and sanitary facilities to people in the poorest regions of the world