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A strong team

August 7, 2018

Sport is not only good, it also connects people: For well over ten years now, Berghof employees enthusiastic about racing bikes from different business units and different locations have been regularly pedalling together. The traditional annual highlight of the Berghof Cycling Group is the "Neckar-Swabian Alb Tour", which took place this year on the last Sunday in July.

Cycling is a team sport: Only those who work consistently towards the goal together despite all differences are successful.

The Berghof Cycling Group thus symbolises the unique culture that makes the Berghof technology and family business something special: It is exceptionally diverse in terms of size and brings together nine different business units under the umbrella of the holding company, which historically build on each other to greatly benefit mutually through an intensive exchange of knowledge.

In the cycling group, this culture is expressed as in a microcosm: Around a dozen employees keen on cycling from different business areas and different locations form the "hard core", so to speak. A committed community whose members inspire themselves to remarkable achievements – on the road bike as well as in their joint work. In addition, there are a whole host of employees who cycle the daily route to work in an environmentally friendly and health-promoting manner.

Even though the Berghof Cycling Group is still relatively young compared to its employer, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2016: The "Neckar-Swabian Alb Tour", in which the participants from Nürtingen on their way through the Swabian Alb biosphere area collect plenty of kilometres and metres in altitude, has been the traditional highlight of the year since 2006. The origins involving joint training trips go back even more years. Berghof was also far ahead of its time when it comes to corporate sports groups.

The 13th participation in this bike tour was fortunately not a bad omen: Some of the regular competitors had to adapt this year for private or health reasons, which is why organisational head Eva-Maria Oeden – much to her regret – just missed the magic limit of ten people for the first time. But despite the scorching heat, all nine Berghof cyclists resisted the temptation to stop prematurely and bathe in the outdoor pool – and so covered one of the two longest distances. As always, there were plenty of kilometres for the team account.